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About Us

In the fast-paced world we live in, finding fulfillment in one’s work can sometimes feel like a lofty aspiration. Yet, for the Phelps family who specialize in managing vacation rentals, this notion couldn’t ring truer. They embody the age-old adage, “If you love your job, then you will never work a day in your life,” and their story is nothing short of inspiring.

Meet Justin and Marcella, a dynamic duo of outdoor enthusiasts who find solace and joy in the myriad activities offered by their chosen locations. Justin, a native of Colorado, was once known as the “Blue Bomber” across the ski resorts of his home state during the early 80s. Today, he not only works but also skis at many of the same resorts he frequented as a child.

Their children, when not absorbed in electronic devices, actively participate in running errands and adapting to compact spaces. Immersed in the family business, they share a genuine passion for skiing and beach outings that defies their years.

As owners in many of the areas where they manage vacation rentals, the Phelps family lives and breathes their work. Their dedication and enthusiasm shine through in every aspect of their business. With decades of experience and a personal touch, they are committed to providing unparalleled experiences for their guests.

Why Choose Skis And Seas?

At Skis and Seas, we offer vacation homes and condos along the Beaches of Destin and South Walton as well as the mountains of Colorado. Our vacation rentals provide more space, privacy and comfort than hotels. These lovingly decorated second homes are truly home away from home experience. They offer space where the whole family can be together in idyllic destinations . We have a great range of retreats to meet all needs and budgets. Call or book online now.

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About Us

The old adage of "If you love your job, then you will never work a day in your life" could not be more true for the Phelps family. Justin and Marcella are both outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the wide range of activities that our locations offer.
Justin, a Colorado native, who in the early 80's was known as the "Blue Bomber" across many of Colorado's ski resorts, now gets to work and ski at many of the same resorts that he skied as a child. Ever flexible, his role evolved over the years from babysitter, to teacher and now Instagram photographer, ski waxer and paddleboard mule.
Marcella, not to be outdone, is known for her famous eye rolls and as "Mrs Are You Sure You Want To Do That?" She also routinely underestimates the distance on family hikes and has the uncanny ability to find some of the most beautiful scenery across the western United States. She should be a sea shell because her real home is on the beach and you can often find her out in the Gulf of Mexico, on her paddleboard, doing yoga while answering phone calls and solving problems.
The kids, when we can pry them off the electronics, are very helpful in running errands and fitting into small spaces. They are learning our business from the ground up and enjoy skiing way too much and going to the beach more than any kid should.
As owners in many of the areas where we manage,we live our work and it shows. Give us a call and find out how we can bring our decades of experience and our personal touch to your vacation home.

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